War Metal

Some of the Info you can find here

  • Mission List - Can be ordered by best xp or cash per energy.
  • Token Drop List - Ordered by mission or you can check the individual token for all its known drop locations.
  • Mission Suggestion - Can suggest what missions to do based on what collections/tokens you are missing.
  • Boss List - Shows total stats of a boss including his units and also what units the boss can drop.
  • Unit List - Shows List of all Formations, Commanders, Assault units, Structures and Reinforcments, can be filtered based on sub type and how its acquiret.

Not done yet

  • Tool tips - position
  • Single unit view - Unit Aquire
  • Unit Abilities filtering
  • Unit List ordering
  • Achievements
  • Some more tools for making life easyer when you want to add 1 and 1 :)

Loot Chart has moved to the Epic event page.

What is this

This is a reference for War Metal, with all the information you could need about units, missions, tokens etc.
Drop a note on the Facebook fan page if you want anything added/corrected.
Thx to the people who contribute information on the official War Metal forum.

What New

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