War Metal

Combat Log Parser

This is combat log parser to help you see how much dmg your units have done.
It only works on logs of epic boss fights using the old combat system,
Remember to set the amount of each unit you got and re-parse to get the correct numbers
Units are ordred by type and then avage damage+avage healing

  • Units not found at my site wont show picture.
  • If fighting unit with same name as one brought in by other units (like Chimera and having Isabelle bring in a Chimera) will result in 1 combined statistic for that unit.

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You have done attacks.

PlayerBase DamageAvage Base DamageTotal DamageAvage Total Damage
You0 - / 0,00 - / 0,0
Enemy0 - / 0,00 - / 0,0

Your Units Procs

UnitAbilityProc %DamageHealing

Other Units Procs

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